Benoit Pioulard - Stanza I & II

Simple, elegant forms from Benoit Pioulard with both Stanza I and Stanza II released in a single cassette by Baro Records in conjunction with Beacon Sound .  Soft drifting movement, ragged edges.  Glimmers of light blinking through gentle haze.  A sheet unhemmed being slowly drawn across your face.  For moments, shading out sunlight, at other points, not, and eventually revealing all together brilliant magnificence.  Comparisons to Basinski and the Disintegration Loops are always inevitable with a composition of this nature, but here, I find less the heartbreak and endless sorrow, instead optimism, kindness and appreciation.  Twelve tracks of sublime ambience filled with delicate melody faintly juxtaposed against rough hewn texture.   If this sounds like your thing, this is totally your thing.

Beautiful physical edition of 200 high-bias type-II cassettes complete with 4-panel fold out j-card with artwork from both EPs and housed in a heavy card stock slipcover.  Mine came (as you can see from the pic) signed by Pioulard.  I was fortunate enough to purchase via Baro, but they now appear to be sold through.  Stream and purchase the digital at the label Bandcamp, or scour the web my friends.