Devin Sarno - Fall

There is a dreamlike quality to Devin Sarno’s Fall but it’s more complicated than that. It’s the equivalent of a semi-lucid dream confused with reality, all the while with a dreaded sense of danger even though nothing in your immediate path would cause you to think so… but someone could be following you, could be watching. The drones come in subtle shades and guitar tones shift ever so slightly all the while lulling you like a serpent, keeping your gaze - you’re never quite sure if it will strike. The true force here is not the imminent attack but the threat of it and that in itself is the restraint in Sarno’s playing. There is a nostalgic quality as he tiptoes across the idea of an Americana vibe, reminiscent of some Peter Kris desert jam, but he skillfully steers away allowing the drones to remain in control.

It’s always nice to support artists self-releasing their music and if you feel the same, here’s your chance to do so with the reward of owning 1 of only 25 cassettes put out by Sarno via his Bandcamp where you’ll also find an immense amount of previous work well worth diving in to