Kalou - Scrapbook: 2008-2014

Scrapbook: 2008-2014 is exactly what you might expect it to be: a collection of tracks compiled over six years by Samuel Shelton Robinson aka Kalou. These are heavily beat influenced tracks but they steer clear from the typical beat scene tapes of current. Kalou samples some extremely well known artists (track 3 is a clever Nico/Mobb Deep mashup) but there’s much more here than the matching of bpm's on opposite end spectrum songs. Scrapbook showcases Kalou’s programmed beats, remixes and ideas for songs that maybe never came to full fruition. This may sound like a haphazard stockpile of 23 tracks… it is… and it works peferctly. It’s an interesting listen because you don’t know what to expect next. This truly is a scrapbook of sonic treasures and if you accept it as though it were a mixtape a friend made, it feels just as personal. Being that only 50 copies were made, if you own a copy, essentially you ARE one of 50 friends/supporters who this tape was made for.

The art for the tape continues to perpetuate the scrapbook/mixtape feel with it’s collaged cover and white stickered tapes (each one has a slight variant). Stream in full, download and purchase a tape at Kalou’s Bandcamp while supplies last.