Lustana - Pt. 1

Eleven tracks of gentle, introspective indie pop from Clay Mahn’s Lustana moniker with Pt. 1. on newcomer label Never Anything.  I’d have to admit, prior to depressing the play button on my trusty LXI, the ultraclean geometric visuals had me steeling myself for a slab of challenging modular synth, which while I love when done right, requires a certain type of... listening effort.  And then, instead there was this.  Absolutely effortless.  Restrained and wonderfully straightforward keys and bass, supported by sparse and distant percussion.  Vocals that waiver delicately, on the verge of collapse, but always staying in the pocket.  You can feel the Mark Linkous influences here, almost like an outsider cousin of Good Morning Spider.  I’m particularly partial to the flip side opener "To The End" with it’s anthem worthy refrain, “...ahh you and I”, that leads into a swirl of found sound and then returns, and ultimately transitions into the plaintive acoustic strummer, "Crystal In The Sun."  And of course the album finale, "Columbia City", man if this doesn’t just about make you tear up you are legit made of stone.  A gorgeous, highly enjoyable record perfectly matched to the analog format.  As complete a release as you’ll find, every song on this thing is gonna be your favorite.

Edition of 100 white shells with adhesive labels on the a side.   Single sided 3 panel on thick blue cardstock quality inserts.   Digital download included.  Stream in full and purchase the physical at the Never Anything Bandcamp.